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Pastor's class

"What's the Difference?"

    Aren’t all religions basically the same?  It is a question (or assertion) often made in our modern age. People often assume that the major religions of the world share a common view of God, a common moral ethic, and a common desire to create a better world.  But in truth, the claim that all religions are basically the same actually reveals a lack of knowledge and understanding about the major belief structures contained within these religions.

   Of course, it is always helpful to recognize and appreciate where various religious traditions might share some commonalities.  But it is more important to recognize and understand the differences, because those differences are what make these religions “different” from one another.  Quite often in life, it’s the differences that make all the difference.  For example, we could all come up with a list of similarities between a kitten and a wild lion, but when choosing a pet for our children we would be wise to pay attention to the differences between a kitten and a lion.  On a superficial level, a Ford Pinto and a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 are both automobiles, they both have four wheels and an engine under the hood. They are both built by the Ford Motor Company. But if you had to choose between them, which one would you prefer to have parked in your garage? Whether we are talking about animals, cars, or a long list of other items (including religion) it’s the differences that make all the difference.

     That is why we are offering a new class beginning this Sunday at Urbanna UMC.  The class is called “What’s the Difference?” and it will focus on the differences between the major religions of the world: Islam, Judaism, Hinduism/Buddhism, Christianity (Roman Catholicism and Protestantism), and New Age Spirituality.  We will be respectful of all these different religions, but we will also acknowledge the important ways in which these religions differ from one another.  Comparing these different religions will not only help us better understand our Christian faith in the midst a pluralistic world, it will also help us better appreciate the religious beliefs of those who are different from us. I will be teaching the class, and it will be a mixture of both lecture and discussion.

     This begins at 9am in the church parlor every Sunday. If you plan to attend, I encourage you to bring a notebook and pen/pencil, and an inquiring mind. I hope to see you on Sunday!

  • Pastor Mark


Soup and Bread Ministry 

Year Round Activity Which Meet The Third Thursday Of Each Month

The soup and bread ministry has been blessed with wonderful volunteers.  These volunteers make enough soup, bread and cookies, as well as, provided fruit and a special card for Port Town and our church family and friends. We also have volunteers in the kitchen heating the soup, packing bags and cleaning the kitchen. The task is like clockwork.  It is “uncertain” who is truly blessed, the recipient of the food and visit or those who make it all happen.

Please consider becoming a part of this wonderful ministry.  One way is to contribute to replenish our account for the purchasing of paper products. On the memo line, please write soup ministry.  Also needed – a volunteer to provide fruit and additional soup makers.  You only have to provide fruit, soup, sweets, etc. every 5th month. Please think about it.

If you feel led to volunteer, please give Becky Pirok a call, 804-832-3662 or Kathy Rodgers, 804-854-1852. 

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